Welcome to North American Hunting Competition. We run state and national big game, photo, video, and shed horn competitions. 

We have lots of prizes that every entry is eligible to win in a random drawing including a guided elk hunt, free shoulder mount, fishing trips, and winners of each competition split part of the pot.

We also have several competitions that are sponsored with exciting prizes by reputable taxidermists and outdoor companies, listed on our Sponsored Hunts blog page.


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Shoulder Mount


Guided Oregon Elk Hunt





Hunters today can significantly improve their chances of getting close-range to animals with HECS Stealthscreen’s cutting-edge technology. Using the same concept that prevents radiation from escaping microwave ovens, the lightweight and breathable HECS suit actually masks the human electrical field, allowing hunters to go largely undetected as prey gets closer than ever. Although HECS does not completely eliminate scent and of course cannot prevent movement errors, it is a game-changer that actually can compensate for these issues—animals are more apt to ignore such warning signs and approach your position.

In fact, North American Hunting Competition founder Dave Seida can attest to the power of Stealthscreen. Wearing a HECS prototype, he took the first animal ever killed using the technology, a trophy buck that ranked 18th in the world (SCI). North American is proud to be an authorized dealer of HECS gear.